10 06 2010

I loved JAPAN for so many reasons. One reason that will alway remain in my mind as a good memory of their culture is:

Japanese do not smoke so often!!!

If i had counted the people I see smoking everyday, I am sure it would have been less than the number I can find in less than an hour in Dubai; specially in colleges -unfortunately.

In Japan, people are not allowed to smoke in public or indoor places. Even outdoor, they are restricted to special places, so others will not be bothered.

This is Waseda University’s Campus: A Non Smoking Campus!

In big intersections, and some shopping centers or subway stations, there is a smoking area like these:

Worth to mention, the cities were so clean. Though there was no trash can on the streets, I did not find a single trash left on the ground. Next to each convenience stores or vending machine there is trashcan with separate places for cans, bottles, and plastics. So, no trash on the ground!

Waseda University Visit

10 06 2010

I start this post with a LOGO !

This bear is WASEDA University’s official Mascot ! Pretty clever ! Compare it with ours… a Spartan…

Tokyo Senmon Gakko’ was founded in 1882 in Tokyo, and renamed to Waseda in 1902. Ranked as 159 th university in the world, Waseda is also a well-known university in Japan. We visited their new building, which was lunched a couple of months ago. Design was pretty nice and modern.

As always, friendly people ! English barriers were more noticable in this universtiy than Keio. They all had a translator packet computer, and used it frequently while talking to us.

In Japanese ‘University Entrance System’, they all graduate from high school in the same age, and go on to freshman year in university together, and sophomore, and … Asking a freshman student “How old are you?” is similar to asking a Chinese person “How many siblings do you have?”; unless they wait/study one year to get accepted to the university they want, since the acceptance requires going through a tough examination.

According to their American professor, unlike U.S. universities that graduating is harder than getting into a college, in Japan somehow university is must graduate the students that has accepted. Therefore, being sleepy in class, coming late, or unorganized class attendance is normal.

Anyway, I’m willing to take a semester in this university as an international transit student.