Waseda University Vs. Keio: Baseball Game

10 06 2010

After our visit to Waseda University’s campus, i was in touch with a couple of students. One was Reon.

He invited me, and my ‘extra days’ roommates’ to join them and watch another baseball game. He bought the tickets for us, and came to the nearest station, Ginza line-Aoyama Ichome Staion, and we walked to Meiji Jingu Stadium. 12:00, we met him, and walked to the stadium. The game started at 1:00. We also bought the “Fan Package”, including a towel with this sentence: Waseda wins Keio, a thick paper with folding lines, and a two papers with cheering songs and a name of the players. This time we know who to cheer for !

The game went smoothly, almost with few excitement moments; but  watching it with friends was the nicest part.

The cheering team was a surprise ! I couldn’t have imagined a guy being in the cheering team:

This is a funny moment I found in the cheering style. These guys were dancing, and doing some martial arts while being up the stage! Strange to me, and also for american that are used to just pretty nice girls dancing.

It continued to 4:00. We had enjoyed the game so much. Of course no launch in middle of the game, so I felt so hungry…

To Be Continued…