D3 Publisher and Video Games in Japan

3 06 2010

Before my visit to Japan, the first thought in my head about this country was “Comics” ! Though after I visited the country I found out more about them, still comics stays No.1 ! We all know about Japanese Comics and their special gestures, styles, and actions. Many of them have been produced as a movie, and have had huge success in international market. The other face of the comics and their stories has influenced the “Game Culture”.

Video games are now a part of Japanese lifestyle. That’s when D3 Publisher steps in the business, to provide what the region is seeking. Established in 1992, D3 Publisher is an organization that aimed to produce Music, Books, and Video Games, however now it is specialized in video games only. With over 100 published games, in a low to mid range price, D3 Publisher has taken a good share in the market. Games are categorized in different themes, in which girls and boys follow their interests. Our visit to D3 Publisher was interesting in many aspects. Unique work-style and new features in their games give variety of choice to customers.

A new game is coming up, which we saw a preview of. In this game, boys grow up their fancy girl and live with her. This concept of having a girl is quite different from other countries: excursive to Japan !