Fuji Q Highland

11 06 2010

If not the best, I wouldn’t rate it anything else than second best day of my trip to Japan

Carly and I left the hotel at 8:00 to start a beautiful 3-hour journey to one of the best Amusement parks in the word: Fuji-Q Highland, Next to the Mount Fuji.

We took some subway, and JR trains, and reached a place that only a privet train would go farther. This is a picture of that train:

Fuji Q Highland is famous for it’s Roller Coasters, and attracts many people, including me, and fulfills them with fear and joy…

Eejanaika Mega Coaster

Truth be told, this park was something that pushed me to visit Japan! Look at this place… Here you see Eejanaika Mega Coaster (Hyper Coaster) which is a 4th dimensional roller coaster, since the seats also rotate 360˚ ! Pretty amazing, this was by far the best thrilling coster I had ever experienced.


It says:

“The Roller Coaster with greatest number of inversions is the 4th Dimension Coaster at Fujikyu Highland in Japan. Riders turn upside down a total of 14 times during each 1153 m run…”

This picture was taken when we were waiting in the line for 1 hour and 50 minutes !! I prefer not to upload the picture that was taken after the ride…

It was really interesting that in this ride, riders start UPSIDE DOWN ! you almost see nothing from the ground, until you reach the drop point, and suddenly your seat spins around and shows you how high you are … that’s when you understand what you have got yourself into … Exactly up there…

I took this one while it was operating. Thrilling, isn’t it ?

Fujiyama Mega Coaster

Next Roller coaster was Fujiyama, which at the time of launch, was the tallest in its kind, and had the largest drop – from 259 feet above the ground equal to a 30-store building

and, the next roller coaster was:

Dodonpa !

In this coaster, riders experience a pretty unique accelerations force : 4.25 G !! The car accelerates to 172 KM/H ≈ 110 Mile/H in just 1.8 seconds ! It also has a drop angle of 90˚ !

This picture was taken in the run time…

Thinking of the pleasure of these rides is one thing, but also thinking of the technology behind them is interesting. Accelerating to that REALY high speed in just 1.8 seconds does blow my mind ! This thrilling technology is interesting to me… I honestly don’t mind working in this field!