Okonomiyaki !!!

10 06 2010

Okonomiyaki or, Hiroshima Pan cakes !

‘So delicious,’ is the first word I say about it! This picture shows one of the best meals I had in Japan !

Japanese love ‘Pork’ ! So, no surprise that I had to face the normal argument with them…

– Dear Mr. Chef, sea food only, I don’t want pork on my okonomiyaki! OK ?

– OK !

I watched the food getting cooked in front of. I was so hungry, and this looked very good !

Just a few minutes later, suddenly, I saw a huge peace of pork landing on my food! Me, Pvan, and Meri all screamed! He freaked out! Then I asked him to remove the vegetables on  top, and cook new ones.

But, all the wait was worth the try ! This food, which we call it a pan cake, has a little nice story:

The name is derived from the Japanese word ‘okonomi’ , which means “what you like” or, “what you want”, and ‘yaki’ meaning “grilled” or “cooked”. It’s basically all you want, but if you speak Japanese !

The one I ordered contained Noodles, veges, shrimp, egg, and some more spices. The nice thing about it, is you see it getting cooked in front of you …