12 06 2010

Roppongi, a Mega Place of Entertainment in Tokyo

Photo By Bryce

15 minutes away from Aoyama Ichome Station to south, Roppongi is a district of  Tokyo and famous as home to the rich Roppongi Hills area. Many countries have their embassies located in this area,

Roppongi is full of active nightclubs, bars, restaurants, Karaoke bars, and other forms of entertainment. Therefore, many people, including tourists, like to spend their weekend night at a place like this, with variety of entertainment. From 10 PM to late night Roppongi as really crowded.

Walking through this place requires self-confidence, since often happens that you’ll be disturbed by some Nigerian blacks, appearing on your way and inviting you to their club. Sometimes they offer you free entrance, or free drinks for ladies, but no one really knows if they are trustable or not… (We were advised not to!)

I used to go to a Turkish restaurant in that area, and I was used to see Nigerians all over the place. Thanks to Dr. C, his tips helped us survive these people.