Headphones ? Who needs them anymore ?

11 06 2010

NTT Docomo is working on 3 new types of listening tools. And all three, are wonderful and fundamentally different than what we are used to.

  1. Did you know your finger could be your ear phone ?
    • In this technology, simply you put on a ring, and put your finger into your ear, and  then you will hear sounds.
  2. Did you know your body can work as a wire for your head phones ?
    • Take your MP3 player or cellphone in your hand, and have you wireless headphones on. You can easily listen to your music. Now if your friend takes your phone, the sound will fade away. But, no worries. Take their hand, and you can both listen the song again. Attention: No Wire Needed !!
  3. Did you know you can listen to something in your HEAD?
    • Put two fingers in your ears, and place a special tool on your forehead. You will hear the sound inside your head, as if the source is in your brain. This will also help deaf/parochially deaf people to get their listening ability.

I’m kinda tired of my old fashion headphones; Docomo, when will you release these in market ?


Shopping Assistant

11 06 2010

NTT Docomo is one of the major telecom companies in Japan, and our visit to this company was a pleasure. As they ended their presentation, we headed to their lab. In that lab, we haw what could be released in the next 10 years from Docomo.

For sure you’ve been in a situation of buying a peace for someone, but not sure that would fit or not. In this new technology, when you go to a shopping center, you do not need to check every other store to see if they have something that you would like to buy. This assisting tool allows you to find the stores you want, and save much time. Imagine you check the suggested stores, and find a nice dress for your kid. Simply you match the dress with her closet to you see the other items in her room that would go with this new one. Next, you can also virtually see her in that dress, as if she had really worn it. We all have seen the fiction movies like STAR WARS, that they could have a video call in 3D. This new technology is pretty much the same.

You can also use this tool for your grocery store shopping, in a whole new level. If you pick a box of milk while you have enough milk in your fridge, instantly it notifies you about it. Every single object in your world will be connected to this service. Though very convenient, scary at the same time, since there will no more privacy…

Sony Building

10 06 2010

When almost everyone in the group was gone back come, Bryce, Nicholas, and me where staying at hotel for four extra days. Bryce in his last Study Abroad to Japan, had seen the Sony Building, and suggested us to take a look in our free time. After all we had seen in Japanese technology, this visit was not that big of a surprise. But after all, I love technology and it was one of my important reasons to visit Japan.

In this building, you see new upcoming devices built by Sony, and have the chance to work with them personally. One of my favorites: CAMERAS SECTION! I can’t say enough how good the cameras were in that Building. Not only the camera bodies, but also the lens for them. In a price range that could ensure I wouldn’t buy them, the lens were incredibly amazing (I would lie I say they didn’t seduce me!)

The new generation of TVs that were on display, had improved the frames per second on LCDs, in order to have a much more clear quality. Camcorders could take videos in the quality you see in advertising movies in electronic stores. And finally, when we walked out, the stairs made a melody as we stepped on them. Yes, this is a new trick to make you work out instead of using escalators. Each stair is relevant to a note in piano, and when you step on them you make your own beat.

So, which one will you choose next time ? Are you one these lazy people waiting in a line to get on the escalator, or prefer going on the stairs ?