Monja-Yaki: The Tokyo’s Okonomiyaki ! Best Day in Japan !

10 06 2010

Nothing could be more friendly than this invite! After a long game, cheering and singing, we were exhausted ! So, a good meal would make a perfect day.

Reon, and his girlfriend that was earlier with us in stadium,  invited us to have a traditional Tokyo food that we had not tried yet. So, after watching both teams singing their respecting song to their competitor team, we proceeded to exit. Bryce went back to hotel to wash his shorts, which was adorned by a bird in the middle of the game…

I can’t say we were lost, but i know Reon wasn’t quite sure how to get to the place he wanted. By the time we reached the restaurant, I was so hungry ! The main difference of this Tokyo food with the Hiroshima Yaki was that you cook your own Yaki, on your table. As you see Reon was doing it for us. I have to confess he was a great chef ! The food was just so delicious !

After few times ordering and cooking, Reon taught us how to cook a Monja-Yaki ! Here is Nicholas trying to do what Reon said. He did a good job.

This kindness in Japanese people is adorable, since we were almost two totally strangers to them who had a short conversation in a classroom few days earlier. But they invited us to this memorable restaurant, and and made our day. They guided us to subway, and showed us how to get to Aoyama-Ichome, our home station. On the way back, Nicholas and I were just still wondering how perfect that day was for us…

Yes, The Best Day in Japan… Thanks Reon.