Language Barriers

12 06 2010

When you visit a new country and you don’t know a word of their language, you’d better take some lessons or have someone/thing to help you. We had all three of these:

  1. A phrase book
  2. Someone speaking Japanese
  3. And we took some lessons before going.

But at the end, from our part we did whatever we could. It’s Japanese that somehow are not that comfortable with English.

When we had a conversation, may times we would face just a smile, meaning that they did not understand what we had said. So we used indicate it with simpler words, in order to have a better chance of getting a response.

Generally speaking, their ability of language learning is not that good.

Many times we even saw wrong written statements. For instance, this one was on the bathroom door in our hotel:

This one was on a restaurant menu:

Though we had all these problems in communicating with Japanese, but they always used to come up with something to help us. If you ask a question from someone just on the street, they try their best to help.  Even if they can’t answer, either they do not know the answer or they don’t know English, they will find someone and together they’ll help you.