Harajuku Street: The Fancy Fashion Avenue!

10 06 2010

Photo by Bryce

mmm, yeah, she’s nice !! look at how she’s dressed up, and, look at the picture-stand next to her…

if you want to know more about her, read this blog.

Welcome to Harajuku Street !

In this place, it is acceptable to dressed up as a cartoon character, or in a fancy style. She is dressed up for commercial reasons, but you find normal people also in the pretty unique and special dresses.

I can’t really see why, or how this has become a part of their culture. Since this nation is in LOVE with comics and cartoons, I assume they would also love to show up like their favorite characters. Moreover of the well-known dresses, you also can find This photo was taken in a really strange situation. She was center of attention of hundred cameras. I slowly walked behind her, and Bryce finished the work with a nice shot !

Harajuku is considered as a unique fashion capital of the world (Specially for street fashion.)  Many fashion designers take spirits of their work from Harajuku.

This is another picture form Harajuku Street