Keio University Visit: Tech

3 06 2010

Keio University: Ranked 11th in the world in 2009 – According to a study by École des Mines de Paris.

A good day including an academic experience, on 15 th of May we visited the Keio University : An old university, with a good ranking among Japan and world universities. A student from japan presented her research about growth of use of twitter in Japan. Nicolas Henry and Fatima Abdelwahd from Michigan State University’s both campuses presented their research about E-publishing and Education. The friendly atmosphere in the university was adorable. By the end of the meeting, Dr. Coursari asked students in university to fill out a few surveys. I was wondering how they would write down complicated URLs correctly, from the screen. I almost didn’t notice a small barcode-like icon next to each link. Every student took a photo of the screen with their cellphones. I thought the phones would recognize the text links, and convert them to an internet link (that’s the state-of-art technology I had seen before in my cellphone). It turned out that cellphones in Japan are able to read barcodes. Since then I noticed the small barcodes all over the city. On a McDonald’s fries box, a Coke can, and vending machines, QR codes -quick respond codes- are taking over traditional linking styles. Wonderful, isn’t it ?

A sample of QR Codes: