How many days left?

3 05 2010

Sitting here on campus, thinking about anything but my calculus exam ! I’m thinking about finals’ week:

  • TC243: checked √
  • PHY183: checked √
  • MTH183: tomorrow !
  • and CSE231: Wednesday!

Sunday I’ll be on board heading to Hong Kong, and then Narita,Tokyo. Pretty excited and I can’t study math right now. Before I leave, I have to clean a HUGE messsssss ! You guessed it right: MY ROOM ! It will probably take 3 days with help of 5 friends ! Then I’ve got to pack all I need for a long trip ! +Possibly buying a new camera.

Seeking for volunteers to help me in the upcoming days ! 😉

Radin ®

Second day of Blogging!

25 04 2010

Here we are in the second class of blogging with Dr.C. It’s going gr8 so far, and I’m excited about this study abroad in Japan.

Btw, this picture was taken in MSU Dubai, for those of you interested in what Dubai’s campus looks like: (this one was our Halloween in MSUD)

From the left:

Dr. Masha, Nakiya, Radin, Dev, Osama, Abbas, and the “Three Strangers” !!!